Denture Repair: Home Remedies and More

Child Versus Adult Tooth Examinations

While all dental exams are aimed at ensuring the health of your teeth, there are important differences between child and adult tooth examinations. Children under 13 have primary teeth that will eventually be replaced by permanent ones. Therefore, a child tooth exam is important in ensuring the healthy growth of their teeth over time. In addition to catching issues at an early stage (such as cavities, tooth decay and broken teeth), child dental exams provide the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Read More 

Finding the Dentist for You

Your teeth play a vital part in your health, and whether you just need a checkup or it's time for some serious dental treatment, you'll want to go to a dentist that truly understands your needs. Just as all patients are not the same, each dental clinic is different too, and finding the right dentist for you can make all the difference. Of all the things that differentiate one dentist from another, two things make the biggest difference in quality of care and patient satisfaction: the gender of the dentist and the language that they speak. Read More 

Three Reasons That Dentures Might Be Better Than Dental Implants

Whilst dental implants get a lot of attention today because they're permanent, that doesn't mean they're always better than dentures. In fact, for many patients today, dentures are a much better choice. If you're trying to choose between dental implants and dentures, read on to discover the top three reasons that dentures might be the perfect teeth replacement choice for you.  They're More Affordable Dentures are much cheaper than dental implants. Read More 

What Are Overdentures—And How Can They Work With Dental Implants?

Whilst many patients assume that their only choices are either traditional dentures or dental implants when they need major smile revision, there is actually a hybrid option as well. By combining dental implants and overdentures, you may be able to save money whilst still achieving the look that you want. Here's what you need to know about overdentures and how they work in combination with dental implants.  What Are Overdentures? Read More 

Are Dental Implants Classified as Cosmetic by Dental Insurers?

One of the first questions that many patients have when they decide to get dental implants is whether those implants will be classified as cosmetic by their insurance company. Whilst each dental insurance provider might have different rules, you can get a good general idea of whether or not your dental implants will be covered (or partly covered) by reading the information below.  Why the Implants Are Needed The reason that the implants are needed can play a significant role in how the treatment is classified. Read More 

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Denture Repair: Home Remedies and More

Unfortunately, even the best dentures can face troubles. My name is Ella, and as a denture wearer for over a decade, I have faced almost every denture issue in the book. Along the way, I've learned tons of tips and tricks on how to repair them at home and how to diagnose issues on your own. I've also learned when it's important to call the dentist for professional assistance. In this blog, we're going to explore all of it – home remedies on cleaning dentures, fixing them, storing them and more. Take my experience and let it guide you through your denture-wearing journey. Thanks for reading! Take care, Ella.