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Porcelain Veneers and Metal Fillings: Why Metal Fillings and Veneers Don't Mix

Are you about to improve your smile by investing in some dental veneers? If so, then you should consider replacing any amalgam (silver) fillings you have with resin-composite fillings before your veneers are created and fitted.

Although resin composite are more expensive than silver fillings, there are two good reasons to replace them with resin composite, especially if you wish to get veneers. Resin-composite fillings are tooth-coloured and therefore almost invisible, unlike amalgam fillings.

Silver Fillings Darken Teeth

If the teeth that are to have the veneers placed over them have amalgam fillings, you should definitely replace them with resin-composite. If a veneer is placed over a tooth with an amalgam filling, the metal will be visible through the veneer. Because of that, the veneer will be darker than it should be and therefore its effect on your smile will be minimal.

Even if veneer is not placed on a tooth with an amalgam filling, metal fillings on adjacent teeth will ruin the effect. Naturally, you want your veneers to be white, but if the adjacent teeth are dark because of amalgam, the shades won't match. Thus, you should also replace the amalgam fillings on the adjacent teeth with resin-composite fillings for optimal effect.

Your Metal Fillings Will Not Match Your Veneers

We've established that teeth to be veneered as well as the adjacent teeth should have their amalgam fillings replaced with resin-composite. But what about the rest of your teeth? Although your back teeth won't be visible when you smile, what about when you laugh or yawn? The contrast between amalgam and porcelain is stark indeed.

By replacing amalgam fillings on the lower back teeth with resin-composite, your entire mouth will blend in with your new veneers when you laugh or smile broadly. Upper back teeth won't be such an issue as they tend to be more difficult to see.

Your Dentist Should Check Your Fillings

Before a cosmetic dentist places the veneers, it is normal practice for them to ensure that your fillings are in good shape. They will check for leakage and for signs of decay around or under fillings. This may mean that they have to remove a filling in order to remove some decay. You can take this opportunity to replace the amalgam with resin-composite.

If you plan to improve the aesthetics of your smile to help you in your personal and business life, consider replacing any amalgam fillings with resin-composite. Even if you don't plan to get veneers, this might be a good idea. For more information, contact a dentist.

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