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Three Reasons That Dentures Might Be Better Than Dental Implants

Whilst dental implants get a lot of attention today because they're permanent, that doesn't mean they're always better than dentures. In fact, for many patients today, dentures are a much better choice. If you're trying to choose between dental implants and dentures, read on to discover the top three reasons that dentures might be the perfect teeth replacement choice for you. 

They're More Affordable

Dentures are much cheaper than dental implants. If you're concerned about the cost, ask your dentist about the price difference between dentures and dental implants. You might be shocked at how reasonably priced dentures really are!

The average cost for just one dental implant is often into the thousands  -- and you'll have to pay this price for every tooth you need replaced. You can often get an entire set of full mouth dentures for the price of just one dental implant. Affordable dentures are an ideal way to revitalise your smile without ruining your budget.

They're More Accommodating

Dentures are appropriate for anyone who suffers from tooth loss -- even if you've also suffered from bone loss in your jaw. Many people who have severe periodontal disease that leads to tooth loss will also suffer from significant bone loss in the jaw. The bone loss happens as the socket heals, and it's often unavoidable. If you've got oral bone loss, it will likely render you ineligible to have dental implants because the implants require a healthy and solid jaw bone for support. 

Whilst dental implants are dependent upon your jaw, dentures rely instead on your gums. As long as you still have a reasonable amount of healthy gum tissue -- and you take care to keep it that way with good oral hygiene -- you can do quite well with dentures. Dentures naturally suction to your gums, and you can also give them a bit of assistance with specialised denture adhesives. 

They're Quicker and Easier

Dentures are far quicker and easier to get than dental implants. With dental implants, you'll need to have at least a couple of surgeries for the dentist to prepare your mouth and to drill the metal implants into your jaw. The entire process can take several months, and the healing can sometimes be difficult.

With dentures, you'll need considerably less preparation. Whilst you might need to have some extractions to prepare, your dentist won't need to do any drilling for dentures. Your dentures are custom crafted using X-rays or a mould of your mouth. It takes a few weeks to get dentures in most cases, but other than waiting for your new dentures, you don't have anything else to worry about. 

As you can see, dentures boast some major advantages including cost, accommodation of your oral health and time. Contact a company like Emergency Denture Repairs to learn about affordable denture options.

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