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Ways to Relieve Pain From Broken Teeth

Having broken teeth is one of the worst situations you can be in. Not only do you have to contend with the excruciating pain, but you also have to walk around looking incredibly awkward if your broken teeth are visible. Furthermore, a cracked or broken tooth is an oral health hazard which could lead to a variety of dental complications if not treated soon enough. While we can't do much about the embarrassing situation, there are some great remedies for that extremely painful toothache. Here are some foolproof ways to relieve pain from broken teeth

Over-the-Counter Painkillers

OTC pain relief medication should be your first option before settling on any other means. These medicines are readily available, inexpensive and fast-working to relieve any pain and discomfort from your broken tooth. Good OTC painkillers contain ibuprofen or acetaminophen, which work well to reduce pain. You should avoid aspirin, though, since it slows the blood clotting process, which could pose a serious problem in some dental procedures later.

Use Clove Oil

You can find clove oil, or eugenol, in health stores everywhere. This lesser-known pain reliever is great for the strong anaesthetic attributes that have made it a staple for dentists for well over a century. They work well for pain relief in teeth and are nowadays even incorporated into many topical solutions. Just soak a cotton ball with eugenol, place it directly on your broken teeth for ten seconds and you are good to go.

Floss Between the Broken Teeth

It is advisable to remove any food debris or plaque in between your broken teeth to help reduce the pain. Failure to do so could further complicate the situation by introducing bacteria into the wound, which will lead to more pain. Be careful, however, not to disturb the affected area too much.

Elevate Your Head

Nights are the worst since there is increased blood flow to your head, which increases the nerve inflammation of the affected teeth causing more pain. Elevating your head could decrease some pressure and subsequently reduce the pain.

See the Dentist

The methods discussed above are just temporary fixes to make the pain tolerable before you see your dentist. Professional treatment of broken teeth should be your only priority, and the rest should act as back-up plans in case of any inconvenience.

You don't have to suffer great pain because of broken teeth. These few remedies will eliminate the pain, or at least make it bearable.

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