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5 Reasons Not to Drink After Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are a fantastic replacement for lost teeth, but recovery from the fitting process can be uncomfortable. One of the best things you can do to stay comfortable during this initial healing period is to avoid drinking alcohol. Here are a few reasons to say no to a cold beer after a dental implant fitting procedure.

1. Your Gums Bleed More When You Drink

By the time you return home from your dental implant fitting appointment, any bleeding of the gums should have stopped. However, if you reach for an alcoholic drink, the clot that has formed on your gums could disintegrate, causing the blood to flow again. Alcohol dilates blood vessels in the mouth, which means there is likely to be more blood if you drink.

2. Alcohol Makes Oral Pain Worse

You might have heard that alcohol is a good painkiller, but unfortunately, that is not true when it comes to oral pain. One effect of alcohol's dilatory effect on blood vessels in the mouth is an increase in sensitivity.

3. Alcohol and Pain Meds Don't Mix

Some pain medications have an increased risk of side effects if you mix them with alcohol. For example, it is easier to overdose on paracetamol when you take it with alcohol because the liver has to work hard to break both of them down. Meanwhile, ibuprofen and alcohol both increase the risk of stomach ulcers, so taking both together can put you at increased risk. To be safe, stay away from alcohol until you no longer need to take pain relief medications.

4. Alcohol Makes Healing Harder

To promote healing, you need to maintain a healthy, moist environment in your mouth. Alcohol dries out oral tissues, which can increase sensitivity and delay healing. Reach for water, instead, to help your body heal as quickly as possible after dental implant surgery.

5. Avascular Necrosis Is Possible If You Drink

Although relatively rare, avascular necrosis is a condition that should anyone who undergoes oral surgery should be aware of. Drinking even one alcoholic drink in the 72 hours after implant surgery can trigger this condition, which involves a blockage in the capillaries that supply the jawbone. The result can be necrosis of the jaw, which is very serious and can lead to large amounts of tissue—and the new implants—needing to be removed. Protect yourself by abstaining from alcohol for at least three days after the dental implant fitting procedure.

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