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Crucial Facts That You Should Know About Laser Teeth Whitening

Dental discolouration affects many people in various ways, including those who floss, brush, and gargle after meals. Some of the critical factors that contribute to teeth discolouration include ageing, diet, and environmental factors. In-office teeth bleaching by a dentist is one of the most effective ways of restoring your smile by correcting teeth discolouration. Another popular procedure is laser whitening, which uses a laser pen coupled with a teeth whitening gel to eliminate stains. Here is what you should know about laser teeth whitening.

How Laser Teeth Whitening Works -- What comes to your mind when you think about laser teeth whitening? You might picture beams being shot from a laser machine onto a patient's teeth to remove discolouration. However, the procedure does not use high-powered laser equipment that is capable of causing severe burns. During laser teeth whitening, a dentist uses a dental dam to protect gums and the mouth while exposing your teeth for bleaching. A dentist then applies bleach, such as highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel, over the teeth. A laser pen is then used to shine a laser on the teeth to activate the bleach.

Faster Teeth Whitening -- Although a bleaching product is adequate for whitening teeth, a laser beam ensures faster activation of the bleaching gel. Standard teeth whitening procedures entail applying hydrogen peroxide over teeth and leaving it for an extended duration for maximum efficacy. However, laser whitening incorporates heat and light to activate the bleaching agent for faster results.

Benefits -- Although laser whitening can increase teeth sensitivity for a couple of days after the procedure, the benefits make the technique worthwhile. For example, the procedure delivers visible results in just one session. Also, laser whitening is a safe, painless, and non-invasive process when done by a specialist, and it does not cause irritation or bleeding.

Cost -- Being a relatively new technology, laser teeth whitening is pricier than other conventional bleaching techniques. You can reduce the cost of laser teeth whitening by taking up a private insurance plan that covers cosmetic dental services or by finding out if your existing insurance, if any, covers cosmetic procedures such as laser teeth bleaching. The choice between a laser procedure and standard in-office teeth whitening methods of comes down to finding a balance between safety and affordability. Your dentist may also offer payment plans that can help to make laser teeth whitening more affordable.

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