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Why You Shouldn't Wait Long to Get a Root Canal for Your Decayed Tooth

Do you have a decayed tooth that requires root canal treatment? If so, you shouldn't wait too long to seek treatment. Using painkillers to treat the pain won't make the problem go away. Instead, your situation may get more complicated with time. Early treatment can help you save money on costly dental treatment. Therefore, take note of these dental issues that may arise if you wait too long to get a root canal for your decayed tooth. 

Severe tooth infection

Tooth decay occurs when harmful oral bacteria create plaque on the teeth. This gradually damages the enamel, causing a cavity. If you don't get treatment, bacteria will erode the enamel and reach the soft tissue, known as the pulp. Bacterial action in the pulp leads to tooth infection, which is characterised by pus buildup and severe pain. An untreated tooth infection can spread to nearby teeth and the jaw, necessitating costly treatment. Seek immediate root canal treatment to protect the jaw and adjacent teeth from infection.

Weakened enamel

If a decayed tooth remains untreated for a long period, oral bacteria can continue to create a buildup of plaque on the enamel. Plaque further erodes the enamel and widens the cavity in the tooth. A larger cavity means there is less enamel on the tooth. Consequently, the tooth weakens and becomes susceptible to chipping and cracking. If the tooth cracks, you must get a dental crown. What's more, waiting too long to treat the decay can cause tooth loss.

Bone loss

As aforementioned, a severely infected tooth can cause the infection to spread to the jaw. An infected jawbone causes severe pain in the mouth and swelling of the gums. Over time, the inflammation can cause blood loss in the bone. When a part of the bone doesn't get enough blood, it dies, causing the bone to collapse. When this happens, you may need to undergo surgery to remove the affected bone and the decayed tooth. If you want to get a dental implant in the future, you must undergo bone grafting to restore the missing jawbone.

Prolonged pain and discomfort

Tooth decay causes persistent toothaches and discomfort due to infection. Painkillers can provide temporary relief, but once they wear off, the pain returns. Prolonged dental pain can lower your quality of life. For example, the pressure from biting down on food can prevent you from enjoying your favourite foods. Severe pain can even impact your work and social life. Immediate treatment will eliminate the pain and improve your quality of life.

Don't wait for the above dental complications to occur. Visit your dentist for immediate root canal treatment. Also, get dental crowns to strengthen the treated tooth and protect it from chipping.

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