Denture Repair: Home Remedies and More

5 Tips to Help Your Baby Tolerate Teething

Teething is a tough time for tots. Babies' first teeth usually appear around six months after birth, although some start to show signs of teeth breaking through as young as three months. By the time your child is three years old, they will probably have a full set of twenty primary teeth. While your infant is teething, they may cry more than usual as their gums are sore. Here are a few things you can try to ease the discomfort. Read More 

“But I’m Hungry!” No Worries, You Can Eat After Root Canal Therapy. Here’s What You Need to Know!

If you're planning root canal therapy in the near future, this is the best time to prepare with some menu ideas. Whilst you'll be able to eat after root canal therapy, you can't eat your usual diet for the first several days. You'll be able to enjoy many different foods -- but the focus should be on soft foods like those discussed below.  Smoothies: Prepare Now, Enjoy Later Smoothies are one of the very best foods to enjoy after root canal therapy because they require no chewing and won't agitate your tooth. Read More 

Porcelain Veneers and Metal Fillings: Why Metal Fillings and Veneers Don’t Mix

Are you about to improve your smile by investing in some dental veneers? If so, then you should consider replacing any amalgam (silver) fillings you have with resin-composite fillings before your veneers are created and fitted. Although resin composite are more expensive than silver fillings, there are two good reasons to replace them with resin composite, especially if you wish to get veneers. Resin-composite fillings are tooth-coloured and therefore almost invisible, unlike amalgam fillings. Read More 

Important Questions About Common Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency, just like any other type of medical emergency, should not be overlooked. Proper care of the teeth in such an emergency will reduce the risk of further damage and even tooth loss, and will also reduce the risk of an infection setting in, or of developing severe pain. Because dental emergencies are so important to deal with as soon as they occur, note a few important questions you might have about such emergencies and how to care for them properly: Read More 

Five Dental Services that Treat Bad Breath

Are you suffering from bad breath that you cannot treat yourself? Your dentist can provide dental services that help treat it. From appropriate prescriptions through to tartar removal, there are lots of treatments you'll benefit from.  Prescribing a toothpaste to treat plaque Many people are familiar with the word plaque, but did you know it simply means bacteria that is present on your teeth? When these bacteria produce acids, they form an acrid smell in your mouth. Read More 

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Denture Repair: Home Remedies and More

Unfortunately, even the best dentures can face troubles. My name is Ella, and as a denture wearer for over a decade, I have faced almost every denture issue in the book. Along the way, I've learned tons of tips and tricks on how to repair them at home and how to diagnose issues on your own. I've also learned when it's important to call the dentist for professional assistance. In this blog, we're going to explore all of it – home remedies on cleaning dentures, fixing them, storing them and more. Take my experience and let it guide you through your denture-wearing journey. Thanks for reading! Take care, Ella.