Denture Repair: Home Remedies and More

Tips for Maintaining Good Gum Health

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about the periodontist? After all, it's just as important to focus on your gums as any other aspect of your health, and simply expecting them to take care of themselves is not enough. Here are a couple of things you can do to keep your gums and your dentist or periodontic specialist happy. Brush Twice Daily Brushing is not just for the good of your teeth. Read More 

3 Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have always been more or less happy with the way your smile looks, you might never have considered going to a cosmetic dentist. However, there are several procedures in cosmetic dentistry that can benefit a huge range of people. Take a look at this list and see whether you could benefit from improving your smile. 1. Whiter Teeth Even if your teeth are clean, it is likely that they have some dental staining that stops them from looking perfectly white. Read More 

When the Roots of Your Teeth Fuse Together, Is It a Problem?

Your teeth work in conjunction with each other, and yet exist independently — each has its own crown and root system. That crown is covered with protective dental enamel, but in the subgingival region (the part of your tooth beneath the gum line), your tooth and its root are protected by cementum. This serves a similar purpose to enamel, although its composition is slightly different. Sometimes, the abnormal development of your cementum can prevent your teeth from truly existing independently. Read More 

3 Groundbreaking Dental Implant Technologies

Tooth loss is prevalent among Australian adults, with most people missing an average of 4.5 teeth. It can be attributed to different factors, chief among them being old age and poor oral health. Fortunately, tooth loss is not seen as a burden today, thanks to dental implant technology. Dental implants have eliminated the hassles and discomfort associated with dentures, which might explain their popularity. That said, dentists need to continually improve dental implant technologies to ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment. Read More 

Keeping Your Braces In Tiptop Condition

Braces can take some time to get used to and you'll have to make changes to your oral hygiene routine to keep your braces in good condition. It's natural to worry about your new braces getting damaged or not looking the way you had hoped they would, but looking after them doesn't need to be time-consuming and it's not difficult once you get into a routine. Here are two things you can do to keep your braces in tiptop condition. Read More 

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Denture Repair: Home Remedies and More

Unfortunately, even the best dentures can face troubles. My name is Ella, and as a denture wearer for over a decade, I have faced almost every denture issue in the book. Along the way, I've learned tons of tips and tricks on how to repair them at home and how to diagnose issues on your own. I've also learned when it's important to call the dentist for professional assistance. In this blog, we're going to explore all of it – home remedies on cleaning dentures, fixing them, storing them and more. Take my experience and let it guide you through your denture-wearing journey. Thanks for reading! Take care, Ella.