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Five Steps To Move Past "Hatred" Of The Dentist And Towards A Partnership In Your Dental Care

Some people dislike going to the dentist so much that they say they "hate" it. If you are one of these people who carries strong feelings against dentists, you are probably ignoring your dental health. You may even have oral pain or tooth decay as a result. Luckily, there are ways to get past your hate. Try these steps:

1. Recognise the fear behind your hatred

On a psychological level, hate or intense dislike can arise from a number of causes, including an attempt to alleviate fear. That means that instead of dealing with your fear, you instinctively turn to a strong emotional response like hate. To get past those feelings of hate or anger, you need to identify the cause of your fear.

2. Deal with your fears

In some cases, you may have fear for the dentist because you suffered through an unfortunate dental episode in your past. Remember that event, allow yourself to feel the associated emotions, forgive anyone else who was involved and prepare to move forward logically. Consider talking with a counselor if you do not feel you can get past the fears on your own. Dental fears can arise easily from something as seemingly innocuous a dentist speaking too sharply to you when you were young.

3. Consider relaxation methods

Once you get past hatred, it may take some time to get past your fears, but with the right relaxation techniques, you can continue to see the dentist in spite of your fears. Relaxation techniques range from aromatherapy to hypnosis to sedation dentistry. Talk with your dentist about which methods work the best with his or her patients.

4. Find a dentist who embraces your view of healthcare

Everyone has a different approach to healthcare. Some people prefer the newest, most high-tech procedures and equipment. Others prefer alternative or holistic care, and many prefer a combination of the two approaches. When you choose a dentist, ask questions about their approach to healthcare and choose a professional whose vision complements yours.

5. Be a partner in your care

Fear often coincides with a sense of helplessness. By becoming a partner in your own dental health, you engage with the process in a way that can mitigate your feelings of helplessness. Do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for options when you are leery about a procedure. Also work with your dentist to create a home care routine that keeps your teeth as clean as possible.

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