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Work Hard, Brush Harder: 3 Professions that Can Put Your Oral Health in Danger

Taking care of your teeth may feel like a chore at times, especially after a long day at work when all you want to do is reward yourself with a sugary snack or ice cold beer. Chances are you won't be able to look after your teeth in the right way while at work, so it's important to give them a thorough scrub and floss when you have the opportunity to do so.

However, there are some workers out there who put their oral hygiene at severe risk whilst they are at their ordinary day job. These are four of the main professions where damaged teeth are a surprising occupational hazard, and what you can do to help curb the chances of tooth decay.

Wine Taster

A recent study on the occupation of wine tasting has suggested that this job can do some serious damage to your teeth. The acidic nature of wine, coupled with the manner in which it is swilled around in the mouth during the process of tasting, can put your oral health under threat. Darker wines contain tannins which cause your teeth to become discolored just moments after sipping, whereas white wines contain substances that actively weaken the enamel, and leave teeth vulnerable to staining from darker drinks.

If you're a wine taster by profession, chances are you'll be aware of the risks that come with swilling alcohol all day long, but it's never too late to try and save your teeth. Drinking plenty of water in between tasting sessions can help to wash away some of the troublesome bacteria, and eating small amounts of cheese can also help to neutralize the acidity.

Sales Support Workers

If you're a sales support worker, the odds suggest that you are stressed out a lot of the time. A 2014 study determined that this occupation was the most stressful job in Australia, and those who regularly experience high levels of tension and anxiety may find that their teeth suffer the consequences.

When you put stress on both your mental and physical health, it can also damage your oral health too. Stress can cause physical damage to the mouth in the form of ulcers, cause you to grind your teeth and strain your jaw muscles, and also make you forget to take good care of your teeth. Oral hygiene frequently takes a backseat during times of tension.

If you're a sales support worker under a significant stress due to the demands of your job, it's important to avoid allowing your occupation to ruin your mouth. Taking 10 minutes to prepare a healthy meal for the day instead of snacking on sugar products can really help to boost your mental well-being, and keep your mouth safe too.

Transportation Workers

Working in transportation can be tiring, stressful, and also puts your oral hygiene in jeopardy. This is an industry dominated by long shifts and repetitive patterns, both of which are damaging for the human mind which craves stimulation at regular intervals.

If you currently work in the transportation industry, you'll undoubtedly be aware of how many cups of coffee, sugary energy drinks, and sugary snacks are needed to keep you going on long journeys across the country. All of these are particularly bad for your teeth, and given the repetitive nature of the job and unstimulated state of mind caused by long shifts, it is unlikely you'll fully acknowledge how much sugar and caffeine you are consuming on a day to day basis.

Another issue for those working within the transport industry is the inhalation of fumes from vehicles on the road, which contain toxins that can really harm gums.

If you work in the transportation industry, it's important to actively take care of your oral health, as your mouth's hygiene could rapidly deteriorate without you even knowing it. Pack a healthy meal before each shift, drink plenty of bottled water, and avoid any fizzy drinks. If you're a regular coffee drinker, make an active effort to cut back a little, and have a few sips of water in between each cup of coffee.

When it comes to your break, take a short stroll and breathe in some fresh air to help rid your body of any damaging toxins inhaled whilst on the road. A healthier diet can help you to sleep better, which is important for the health of the brain. This helps to keep your mind stimulated and emotionally satisfied, and by extension helps to keep your teeth bright and beautiful as you make an active effort to care for them.

If you think your career could be detrimental to your teeth, consult local clinics like Kooringal Dental Surgery for tips and assistance.

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