Denture Repair: Home Remedies and More

Questions Everyone Should Be Asking Their Dentist

If you visit your dentist and avoid any type of conversation with him or her, you're probably not alone. Seeing a dentist can often be a bit uncomfortable and, depending on the work that needs to be done, even painful. Chances are you want to get out of the office as quick as you can, but it's good to talk to your dentist about your overall oral health and care of your mouth. He or she can also give you some advice on your health in general. Note what this means and some questions everyone should be asking their dentist.

Ask about your diet

A dentist can tell a lot about your diet from the condition of your teeth; this includes the acidic or sugary foods you eat that may be causing erosion to your tooth enamel and early cavities. They may also note that your teeth are somewhat weak and may be more prone to breaking and chipping if you were to bite down on foods that are tough to chew, including apples, toffee, and the like. Your dentist can note if you should cut back on sugar and foods or drinks high in acid or tell you how to protect your teeth if you must have those foods, and also if there are foods you should avoid or cut up into pieces rather than trying to bite into.

Ask if you're making mistakes in your overall oral care and hygiene

Brushing and flossing are good for anyone, but your dentist can note if you need to do this more often, if you're using too much pressure with your floss or brush, if your mouth seems very dry because of products you use that contain alcohol, or if you're missing your back teeth when you brush. Rather than assuming that everything is okay because you don't have cavities or need a root canal, ask your dentist to spot any potential mistakes and how to correct them in your everyday routine.

Ask if there is anything you should discuss with your family doctor

A dentist might notice certain side effects from prescription medication that show up in the mouth, or may notice that you have dry mouth. While dry mouth can be caused by products with alcohol as mentioned above, it's also a symptom of diabetes. There are many other such health concerns that affect the mouth, so you can ask your dentist if he or she notices anything that you should discuss with your family doctor.

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Denture Repair: Home Remedies and More

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