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Red Wine Drinkers: How to Prevent Staining of Your Teeth

The enamel on the surface of your teeth appears smooth but is, in fact, uneven. Depressions or cracks in this outer coating of your teeth can become stained by strongly coloured food and drinks such as red wine. It is important to brush your teeth regularly whatever your diet, but if you are drinking lots of red wine, giving your teeth an extra brush a day may be a good idea. 

The Benefits of Brushing

A build up of plaque on your teeth can produce an adhesive coating on your teeth which provides an attractive surface for wine and other staining agents to cling too. If you clean your teeth before drinking wine, the surface of your teeth will be smoother, meaning that the coloured agents in the wine are less likely to stick to your teeth. So, before a night out or dinner date, why not give your teeth a quick brush? 

The Dangers of Brushing

It makes sense to want to brush your teeth soon after you've finished drinking wine. However, the acid in wine means that it can temporarily weaken your tooth enamel. After a little time, your saliva will neutralise the acid. It is unwise to brush your teeth until this process as taken place as you may cause damage to the softened enamel. Dentists recommend that you do not brush your teeth for 30 minutes after drinking wine.   

Other Ways to Reduce Staining 

Drinking water after red wine will help to flush out the staining agents from your mouth. If you can, drink a glass of water after every glass of wine. Doing so will help you to stay hydrated and counteract staining. Cheese and wine are a perfect combination, as eating a little cheese after a glass of wine can counteract the wine's acidity as well as helping to clean your teeth. Make sure that you quickly swallow when you drink wine, as holding it for extended periods of time in your mouth will increase your teeth's exposure to the stain causing elements in the wine. 

These top tips should help to prevent tooth staining when you drink red wine. However, if you do notice staining on your teeth, you should visit a cosmetic dentist. A cosmetic dentist will carry out a full assessment of your dental health. They will then be able to offer you a range of treatments, such as a professional clean and polish.

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