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"But I'm Hungry!" No Worries, You Can Eat After Root Canal Therapy. Here's What You Need to Know!

If you're planning root canal therapy in the near future, this is the best time to prepare with some menu ideas. Whilst you'll be able to eat after root canal therapy, you can't eat your usual diet for the first several days. You'll be able to enjoy many different foods -- but the focus should be on soft foods like those discussed below. 

Smoothies: Prepare Now, Enjoy Later

Smoothies are one of the very best foods to enjoy after root canal therapy because they require no chewing and won't agitate your tooth. You can prepare a couple of smoothies ahead of your root canal therapy, making it easy to take one from the fridge and enjoy it on the spot.

Be sure to opt for easily blendable ingredients, including virtually any fruits. Any fruit or veggie that tends to leave chunks whilst blended isn't the best option right now. Be sure that the ice is thoroughly crushed, as well. 

Soups: An Easy Meal That's Also Filling

Whilst clear soups are usually the best option after root canal therapy, there's no reason that you can't enjoy heartier soups as well. However, it's important to blend the soup well to avoid any chunks. Tomato soup, potato soup, vegetable soup, and most other types of soup can be delicious and nutritious choices that won't harm your tooth as it heals from root canal therapy. 

Yoghurt: Sweet and Satisfying

You might want to keep at least several yoghurt containers in the fridge for your root canal recovery. Yoghurt is available in a near-endless array of flavours today, from plain to chocolate-flavoured to exotic flavours that add spices like cardamom. Virtually any type of yoghurt can be an excellent option for meals or snacks after your root canal therapy, as long as there aren't any crunchy or chewy bit added in. Don't feel like eating the yoghurt but still need nourishment? You can use the yoghurt as part of a smoothie that you can drink. 

Eggs: From Scrambled to Fried and Beyond

Eggs are a good food to eat as you recover from root canal therapy because they can be prepared in a variety of ways -- most of which are soft. You can enjoy scrambled, fried, over-easy, and soft boiled. Eggs are easy to prepare in a matter of minutes, and they give you the chance to eat a warm meal whilst recovering. 

Whilst in root canal therapy recovery, you can enjoy all of the foods above -- and many other soft foods, as long as you're cautious with chewing. Speak to your dentist to get further details about recovering from your root canal therapy now.

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