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Are Dental Implants Classified as Cosmetic by Dental Insurers?

One of the first questions that many patients have when they decide to get dental implants is whether those implants will be classified as cosmetic by their insurance company. Whilst each dental insurance provider might have different rules, you can get a good general idea of whether or not your dental implants will be covered (or partly covered) by reading the information below. 

Why the Implants Are Needed

The reason that the implants are needed can play a significant role in how the treatment is classified. In the majority of cases, dental implants are considered cosmetic because they are needed mainly for appearance enhancement. Most patients who want dental implants wish to fill in gaps in their smile because it can improve their looks and even their self confidence. 

However, it's important to note that dental implants have more benefits than just the cosmetic ones. Whilst your smile will definitely improve with dental implants, you'll also enjoy improved ability to eat and speak, too. Those things are pretty important when it comes to living your life fully—and in some cases, that may be enough to qualify dental implants as medically necessary. 

When Are Dental Implants Medically Necessary?

If dental implants are deemed medically necessary by your dental insurance company, there may be a good chance that they'll be covered or partially covered. There may be a number of different reasons that implants could be deemed medically necessary, including the following.

  • If you're unable to eat normally and experience weight loss as a result
  • If you experience atrophy in the jaw bone due to not having teeth
  • If other medical devices like dentures won't work for you due to fit problems or other reasons
  • If your gum line is continually shrinking and causing further damage within the mouth

​The reasons listed above are only some of the potential reasons that dental implants could be deemed medically necessary by a dental insurance provider. If you're having medical issues as a result of not having dental implants, talk to your dentist about establishing medical necessity. 

Whilst the majority of dental implants are considered cosmetic in nature, your situation might just be the exception. Your dentist can work with you to determine the exact cause of any dental issues that you're having and can tell you whether dental implants would be the best medical solution to the problem. Contact your local dental care provider today to talk about how dental implants can help you—and whether insurance will pay for them.

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