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3 Ways to Make Hypoplastic Teeth Look Better

If hypoplasia affects one or more of your permanent teeth, then these teeth have weak enamel. They have a higher risk of developing problems in the future; they also might not look so good. Hypoplastic teeth often have unsightly areas that are whiter than the norm or that take on a yellow or brown colour. These spots stand out on teeth at the front of the mouth.

Your dentist's first aim when treating hypoplasia is to help you find ways to compensate for lost enamel. They want to protect the teeth from decay as much as possible. However, they can also help you make these teeth look better. What are your options?

1. Microabrasion and Whitening

Minor spots of hypoplasia often react well to microabrasion treatments. Here, your dentist will gently rub away the affected surface area. This can sometimes be enough to make the hypoplastic spot blend into the rest of the tooth.

In some cases, this kind of treatment smooths the affected spot down, but its colour remains obviously different to the rest of the tooth. In these cases, your dentist may recommend that you also have a whitening treatment on the tooth to get a better colour match.

2. Bonding and Sealants

In some cases, dentists cover discoloured areas of a tooth with a bonding or sealant treatment. This is kind of like having a filling; however, the material used fills in the hypoplastic area and covers it.

Your dentist will mix the bonding or sealant to match the colour of the rest of the tooth as exactly as possible. This treatment can dampen down over-white spots or recolour yellow or brown areas, giving you an effective way of concealing spots of discolouration.

3. Veneers and Crowns

If you have a lot of hypoplastic damage on a tooth, then your best option may be a dental device that covers the tooth. For example, if the tooth is badly discoloured and lacks enough enamel to give it adequate protection, then your dentist might recommend this option.

So, a veneer covers all of the front of the tooth. It also adds strength to weak teeth by shoring up the surface. A crown covers all of the tooth. You hide all your hypoplastic spots and create a stronger tooth all round.

To learn more about your options and the best solution for your teeth, contact a dentist who offers general dentistry services.

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