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3 Ways Clear Braces Improve Your Smile

Achieving a gorgeous smile with perfectly straight teeth can be pretty expensive; therefore, it is a farfetched dream for most people. However, you will be glad to know that there are affordable options for achieving decent results, including clear braces. While clear and metal braces solve the same dental issues, most people wonder whether the former are as effective as the latter. Notably, clear braces are just as effective, and their many benefits make them the preferred solution for most people. This article highlights three ways clear braces straighten teeth.

Several Sets Necessary

Most people expect to wear the same set of clear braces throughout a treatment period, but the devices work differently. Moving and straightening teeth is a gradual multiple-step process that takes time. Therefore, the first set of clear braces will move your teeth out of their current position while subsequent sets stabilise and maintain the new positions. Braces achieve the function by exerting optimal pressure on the teeth for correct placement. Therefore, wearing the same clear braces throughout your treatment will not achieve your desired smile since your teeth will be out of position. Consequently, you must go through all clear braces sets recommended by a dentist for successful treatment.

Focus on the Aesthetic Zone

Generally, clear braces such as Invisalign work the same way as metal braces since they gradually move teeth for a perfect smile. However, did you know that the number of teeth covered with clear braces is less than those covered by metal braces? Typically, dentists attach metal braces to all teeth, including the premolars and molars. It makes metallic braces the ideal solution for severe and complex orthodontic cases where rearranging a patient's bite is paramount. However, clear braces are the right orthodontic solution if your bite is okay and you simply want to close the gaps between the front six teeth on your upper and lower jaws or move them. The reason is that clear braces focus on teeth in the aesthetic zone, excluding the back teeth. It might explain why clear braces fall under cosmetic dentistry.

Clear Braces Results Effective with Retainers

Clear braces are made from a flexible material designed to move teeth in the desired direction gently. However, once your teeth have been moved to the desired position, it is vital to hold them in place for a couple of weeks. While the last clear braces tray can be used for the purpose, its limited flexibility makes it less effective. It is why dentists recommend wearing retainers during the later stages of the treatment. The rigid nature of clear retainers helps hold and stabilise teeth in their new position, ensuring a comfortable and short treatment period.

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